A grave error

Sep. 9th, 2017 12:08 am
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Anyone who knew anything about thieving knew that the best thief in the city was the Wing. Nobody knew who the Wing was, but if you needed something acquired and you had the money to pay for it, you would find your way to a little shop and make your request, and within a few days you would have what you were looking for.

"Message for you, Lark," a young boy from the shop was holding out a folded piece of parchment, sealed with wax, to the young woman bent over the wash tub. She straightened up, tucking a strand of red hair into her headscarf and wiping her damp hands off on her apron.

"Thanks, here's a penny for your trouble," the girl spoke softly, fishing out a penny from her apron pocket and trading it for the parchment. The boy hung around, obviously curious what the missive contained, but the girl tucked it away into her pocket and returned to her washing.
It was later that evening, once she was alone, that she broke the seal and read the contents of the letter.

So. Somebody wanted a magical artefact from the wizard in the woods. That was going to cost them a pretty penny, everybody was afraid to go near the wizard's castle. They must really want this artefact.

She tossed the parchment into the fire, watching the flames devour the inked request for a moment before turning to the trunk at the food of her bed. She shed the simple peasant garb she had been wearing and took from the trunk something a little more special. The clothes were utilitarian, dark grey, and easy to move in. She dressed quickly, tucking her hair into a hood and crossed her room on silent feet to climb out the window, disappearing across the city.

It was only a few short hours later and the moon shone a silvery glow across the woods, casting light across the stone walls of the wizard's castle. They did not cast light on the shadowed figure climbing nimbly up the stonework of the tallest tower and slipping through a window.

She lowered herself onto the floor of the room she'd climbed into, pausing silently to listen for any signs of life or indication that any of the castle's occupants were awake.

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